'A picture is worth a thousand words' - So we thought we show you the features of ODIN in a few snapshots


Your profile and your contact details, we will send you relevant information from time to time.

Your study settings

Tell ODIN, how many hours you would like to study on each day of the week. We need this to make a schedule for you

Your Calendar

Depending on your study timings in the settings page, we schedule lessons for you in your calendar.

Learning plans

The learning plans page shows you the modules that are enabled for you

Learning plan by Modules

Your lesson plan is organised by modules, view all topics in modules

Learning Organization

Each Topic is organised into 4 sections, progress, Learning, Practise and Assessment

Lesson Concepts

Concepts that are needed for each topic are elaborated with examples

Interactive Lessons

Quiz Questions embedded into lessons to evaluate your grasp on concepts

Test Overview

Describes how the test is organised and how it will be scored.

Test - Practise

Each test is in MCQ (Multiple choice question) format and can be timed or untimed.

Ticket Tracking

Finally, Just in case, you have a problem, raise a ticket to get our attention

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