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Improve your problem solving and language skills for a better outcome at exams for employment and higher education

For every 100 who complete, you need to beat 90 to give yourself a real chance 

ABOUT OpenOdin.com

ODIN is your personal coach. Dedicated to working with you to help you secure your dream job. ODIN is intelligent, it's not just about providing you content on how to solve a problem. It gives you the practice to help improve your speed and consistency too. Unlimited practice until you are ready. 

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is the most important requisite for clearing any competitive exam. In many exams this if the first and the most important section, where the most questions feature. This module covers topics like Data Interpretation, Inequalities, Percentages, Number Series, Arithmetic Aptitude, Profit & Loss, etc.

Logical Reasoning

In competitive exams, logical reasoning sections are segregated in two Parts comprising Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. The questions help ascertain the aptitude of the candidates. Here we cover topics like Alphanumeric series, Reasoning Analogies, Artificial Language, Blood Relations, etc.

English Language

This module deals with teaching you the format and the content of the exam. Most exams are divided into different parts (reading, writing, understanding, vocabulary, and understanding of grammar). This module is packed lessons that refresh your foundation and practice that enhances your proficiency and correctness. 

So why is this important?. Most competitive exams are based on the above 4 areas. They are designed, in such a way that you cannot finish the complete paper in time unless you have really prepared for it. So what does preparation mean, it means practice!. A practice that ensures you understand the concepts, you are consistent and you are fast. Hence the way you prepare for these exams is different. ODIN is a platform designed to help you succeed. It keeps track of these 3 vital parameters of your success, on each topic. It is comprehensive with over 300 fine-grained topics that help you meet competitive exams with confidence. 


Some Jobs that test you on problem-solving skills and english language

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